Moon Bishops And Other Actual Headlines


02-05-2023 • 36 min

Listen in as Steph and Anne catch up Catholicism in the News. Topics include limbo, the devil holding Jesus ransom, a song that cuts down on Purgatory time, the AI-generated papal puffer coat that launched a thousand tweets, diocese on the Moon, and Jesus’s DNA. Weirdly, this episode includes two references to the decidedly non-Catholic British Royal Family.


The Catholic Church can never admit that something it taught for centuries was dumb

Ransom Theory of Salvation

Singing This Song on Holy Thursday Can Purify Your Soul (And Save You Time in Purgatory)

We Spoke To The Guy Who Created The Viral AI Image Of The Pope That Fooled The World

The Catholic Church Officially Has A Moon Bishop

Pope Francies has given King Charles III a poignant Coronation gift


Good Omens

Cameron Esposito was a Eucharistic minister

Megan Markle planned her wedding in Catholic school

Dylan Mulvaney and Rosie O’Donnell talk Catholic Mass

The Big Door Prize

Jagged LIttle Pill

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