Queer. Catholic. Artist: A Conversation with Dani of "And Her Saints"


18-04-2023 • 42 min

Anne and Steph chat with Dani, (she/they) a writer, illustrator, Costa Rican, femme lesbian, and devout catholic who spends most of her time reminding everybody of those last two facts. Dani runs the blog and subsequent store “And Her Saints”, which seeks to illustrate the holy in an affirming and inclusive way. Topics include accidentally denying the virgin Mary as a child (omglol so sorry Our Lady!), surviving a hellish Catholic education experience, and finding queer Catholic community through social media. The hosts also profess their undying love for Catholic grandmas. Again.


instagram: @andhersaints

twitter: @idkwhosdani

tumblr: and-her-saints

Collection Basket: Art for Aid