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30-06-2023 • 54 min

Join Shelley Carney and Toby Younis in another captivating episode of "Our Story Your Story" as they explore the emotional depths of Chapter 9, titled "Breakout," from the novel "A Gypsy's Kiss." In this installment, the central theme centers around Emotional Denial and Defense Mechanisms, offering a poignant exploration of how individuals cope with grief and loss.

In this chapter, Miguel redirects his emotions by blaming his mother for taking things away from him. Instead of acknowledging his sense of loss and sadness, Miguel chooses to be angry, using it as a defense mechanism to protect himself from the painful reality of his father's death.

Through the artful storytelling of "A Gypsy's Kiss" and the insightful commentary of Shelley and Toby, viewers will gain a deeper understanding of the complex emotional landscape that grief can create.

"Our Story Your Story" creates a platform for discussion, encouraging viewers to reflect on their own experiences with grief and the ways in which they navigate complex emotions. The episode highlights the importance of open communication, empathy, and understanding within families, as Miguel's journey toward acceptance and growth unfolds.


00:03:14 Long chapter, defense and denial theme, protagonist sneakily leaves, hitchhiking with stranger, memories of father's funeral, childhood pet accidents.

00:16:37 Time + tragedy = comedy, dealing with grief.

00:19:58 Emotional denial and defense mechanisms in families.

00:24:15 Anger and sadness shaped different paths in life.

00:30:50 Life gets better, look to the future.

00:34:53 Early breakout moment shaped a different life.

00:41:46 Shelley's impressive transition and personal growth.

00:45:27 Summary: Living in the moment, finding breakout opportunities.

00:47:51 Open doors by accepting challenging opportunities.

00:53:00 Humorous chapters with learning and character growth.

00:53:51 "Join us again next week for more stories."

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