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The Last Brain Cell

DeAnna Andrews

Welcome to The Last Brain Cell. We are two best friends embarking on this crazy journey called life. We discuss topics such as relationships, content reviews, girl talk, trends, mental health and everything in between. This is a safe place for us to share our gaps in knowledge, sisterly banter, and bask in humility together. Come join us as we share our last brain cell with you all!

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Diving Into Psychology
Diving Into Psychology
Hi everyone! Welcome to The Last Brain Cell. Today we are taking a deep dive into a few topics of psychology. We discuss clinical, cognitive, behavior, and biopsychology. Psychology is such a broad umbrella term for many parts of life. We think of therapy, counselors, conditioning, and the biological wiring of our minds. We are talking about color psychology and dreams. Colors can have a big impact on our moods. Think of the colors we select we paint our homes, what colors do we gravitate to. Studies have shown that colors correlate to different moods and emotions. Some colors are calming, some colors are romantic, some colors are somnolent. We learn the importance of color in our lives and how it can affect our psyche. On a different but related topic, we dig into the meaning behind dreams. Some people may analyze their dreams to a deeper meaning, some people don't. Regardless, it's fun to see how people perceive their dreams and what emotions trigger certain types. Studies have also shown that many people have similar dreams such as dreams of teeth falling out or dreams of falling. Personally I've found that my dreams differ now versus pre-antidepressants. I've also found that the depth my dreams differ when I take supplements such as magnesium. It's interesting to see how dreams are analyzed and what deeper meaning we can find in our subconscious.Share with us your thoughts on color psychology and dream psychology.Links to articles:https://www.verywellmind.com/color-psychology-2795824https://mhanational.org/surroundings/color-psychology-explainedhttps://www.emedicinehealth.com/what_are_the_four_types_of_psychology/article_em.htmhttps://www.dreamdictionary.org/ Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.