31\\ Do You Want To Slow Down Time? 3 Things You Can Do To Slow Down Time Today!

YOUR STORY IS A LEGACY with Rosanna Giacalone - Life Story Guide, Spiritual Healer, Joy & Beauty Creator

06-06-2022 • 10 min

Hello Beautiful Soul,   Does time seem to speed up for you as you are getting older?  Do you feel like you are addicted to our culture of "speed" and "busyness"?   Tune into this week's podcast to learn ways to slow down time by understanding how we perceive time and 3 things we can do to live "la dolce vita" while embracing the information age.   To get weekly podcast updates and inspirational emails, please go to our website: www.mymagnusopus.com and sign up.   To join our safe, private community full of inspiring people who are telling and sharing their life stories, go to Facebook and type in: My Magnus Opus Community.   Or, if you would like one-on-one time with me to discover how to find more time in your life, you can get more information on my private coaching or sign up for one of my four coaching slots available in June.  Go to www.mymagnusopus.com and click on the Coaching Tab.   See you next week and until then, I'm sending you so much light and love, Rosanna