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Craft And Share Your Legacy * Discover Your Passions & Unique Talents * Spiritual Healing * Understanding Life Transitions Do you know that your life story is unlike any other? Do you wish you could create that story for yourself and future generations to come?Are you trying to figure out the purpose of your life? Do you know what sets your heart on fire and what are your natural talents? Are you trying to make sense of or recover from trauma or a life transition? If you‘ve answered yes to any of these questions, you‘ve come to the right place. In this podcast, you will learn how to answer all of these questions and to create your very own legacy keepsake in a beautiful book called, ”My Magnus Opus: The Greatest Story Ever Told --Yours!”. My mission is to inspire you and help you create your life story for yourself and future generations. Let‘s get started! Hi, I‘m Rosanna Giacalone. I am a spiritual, joy-filled, compassionate listener of other people‘s stories from all walks of life and and all ages and backgrounds. Like me, these extraordinary people didn‘t quite see their ”light” and their gifts that they impart/would impart in this world. I wanted to guide them to create their incomparable stories not only so they could see their amazing selves but also be able to share them with their children and their children‘s children. In this way, their story; their legacy could live on forever. One thing I know is that the tapestry of your life is woven together in such a way as to create an incomparable individual story. In order for you to see that, you must really look at and record your journey. It is my hope that this podcast helps you do that. Learn -> Connect -> Community -> Facebook - My Magnus Opus Community Instagram ->mymagnusopus read less


74\\ How To Recover From The End Of A Long Term Relationship - Proven Ways To Heal
74\\ How To Recover From The End Of A Long Term Relationship - Proven Ways To Heal
Good morning Beautiful Soul, At some point, or for many of us, at several points during our lives, the romantic relationships we are involved in come to an end.  Rarely does it end in a smooth way where you both just decide it’s time to move on and go your separate ways.  Instead, in almost all instances it involves grieving and separation process. This applies not only to the couples that have been fighting or taking breaks from each other but also for the couples who have just remained together “settling” in a relationship that isn’t best for either of them because they did not want to face the prospect of dating again. The process of splitting up isn’t easy since bonds we’ve formed with serious partners make it hard to imagine life without them.  But, there comes a time when if we listen to your heart or God’s voice, we know it is time for a new chapter. And the new chapter is better because we emerge with a stronger sense of self and learn lessons that will serve us in our next and often better and healthier relationship. I have spoken to so many people as they went through break-ups and divorces, plus I’ve had my own share of them.  We discussed the ways we coped and got through to the other side of the split. On the other side of these break-ups we discussed what the best things were that we did to help us through the process.  Everyone had a bunch of suggestions but there were 6 that we could all agree on so I thought these would be great to share with you. I hope these help get you through this difficult time. Remember, you are not alone.  Join our supportive private community on Facebook: My Magnus Opus Community or email me: Until next week I send you so much light and love, Rosanna