Psalm 105

Carefully Examining the Text

23-02-2024 • 26 min

This is a historical Psalm. We studied Psalm 78 previously and it has two points. God's goodness to Israel and Israel's sin against God.

This psalm emphasizes only God's goodness to Israel. Psalm 106 will emphasize Israel's sin against God. Israel's sin looks all the more evil in contrast to God's goodness and God's grace to Israel looks all the more amazing against Israel's sin.

105:1-7 A call to Israel to praise God.
vs. 5 calls Israel to remember God's miracles or marvels. This is little to ask since God remembers Israel in vs. 8, 42.

105:8-15 God's promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

105:16-22 God sent Joseph ahead to prepare for the famine

105:23-25 From Joseph's death until Israel's slavery

105:26-38 God sending Moses and Aaron and the plagues on Egypt as acts of God's mercy to Israel.

105:39-45 God guides Israel throughout the wilderness to the promised land.
God kept His covenant and gave Israel the land (105:11, 44).
vs. 45
All of this should lead Israel to obey God and praise His name.

God's promises to Abraham have their ultimate fulfillment in Abraham- Matt. 1:1; Acts 3:25-26; Gal. 3:26-29.