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The Hardest Belief To Change And Why

Magic Of Joy Podcast

01-09-2023 • 7 min

Sometimes, it can seem that beliefs come from our minds. They just seem to appear out of nowhere to tell us which end is up. Beliefs can have a sacred quality to them in that they can seem very certain of their truth, opinion, and perception. Beliefs have the air and energy of authority, making it seem like we are taking our lives into our own hands when we challenge them. So, beliefs can be very unnerving.

Many beliefs are plain wrong because they were created in the past to address and serve challenges and problems from the past. So they are often out-of-date. There is one, though, that is worth taking a close look at because unless you do, you cannot get the real change you need in your life. That is what we examine in this video. Have a look.


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