TORI HEIN (Pt. 2): Talks finding alignment and her spiritual journey since worshipping in the womb!

Get Real with Caroline Hobby

09-05-2022 • 49 min

Part TWO of my episode where I get real with Tori Hein! She is such a SPARK of pure inspiration! In this episode, we talk all about:
• Finding balance and alignment amongst our mind, body, and spirit
• How everything has a spiritual reality that is attached to our natural everyday choices
• The struggles we face with body image and seeking validation from society versus anchoring our worth in how God sees us
• The different ways in which God reveals himself to us
• Discovering and leaning into our spiritual gifts and core values while simultaneously admitting our own needs and desires
Tori’s extensive wisdom coupled with her life knowledge made our conversation incredibly inspiring. It was such an honor to sit down with her, hear her story, and get a glimpse into her soul. I can’t wait for you to listen to the rest of our conversation!

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