Ouça sem anúncios

Little Town of Rainbow

Vincent John

During a blistering cold December Nevada Desert night in the year 1882, Henrik is battling starvation and hypothermia when he is found face down in the snow by Ramsey, the Mayor of Rainbow.

Henrik awakens to find himself trapped in Rainbow. An alluring town brimming with Occultist, Shaman’s and Soothsayers, all desperately vying to influence and infiltrate the highest positions of power in the budding United States of America. Just as their forefathers had achieved throughout Europe. Escape is futile, especially with ten foot walls and armed guards enclosing the town. Though Henrik doesn’t mind, he waited years for the opportunity to sabotage that society. But Mayor Ramsey is wise to Henrik’s schemes and keeps a keen eye on the peculiar stranger. However the Mayor’s daughter Roselyn, does not agree with her father’s wicked methods and sees in Henrik the chance for ending Rainbow’s tyranny on its subjects. Soon father and daughter square off in a battle not just for control, but freedom.

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