Listen To The Whisper | Catherine Shovlin

Listen To The Whisper

03-08-2021 • 31 min

“Listen to your heart… it knows so much more than your brain, despite what your brain might insist on saying. The brain is more ego-driven; it’s the PR agent and it's creating what you want the world to see you as… but you know in your heart or your gut when you’re doing the right thing or you’re off track.”

Welcome to Listen To The Whisper, where Kate @ Bespoke Skills explores how people navigate change.

In this sixth episode, Catherine Shovlin talks with Kate about her journey from ‘Shell to Shaman’

Catherine Shovlin is a Senior Strategy Advisor, who uses innovative behaviour research techniques to discover overlooked truths in industry, hospitals, education, refugee camps, mental health institutions, community action and as many countries and communities as she can possibly encounter.

In this fascinating conversation, Catherine discusses how she moved from a successful career in the oil business, via running her own business to working as an energy healer and End of Life doula (death companion).

Catherine also spent ten years as founder director of community action charity Bold Vision and as a director of social change arts organisation Artmongers. She is a director and works on organisational behaviour projects in UK and overseas with Synthetron.

Her most recent book "Walking through Walls" is available on Amazon. It invites the reader to challenge the barriers we create in society, in organisations and inside our own heads.

For further information on Catherine, follow her on Twitter @ChangeTheLogic

For further information on Kate, follow her on Twitter Kate_faragher

‘Listen To The Whisper’ is produced and engineered by Andrew Paine - follow him on Twitter @ItPainesMe

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