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15-10-2018 • 11 min

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Welcome to the Dr. Aaron show. May you live your truth? Good morning. We come together each morning to know the truth, live on spiritual principle and align with universal law together. We are awakening the world. So today I wanna talk to you about why vibration is the key to freedom. So on Friday I was feeling a little foolish. I actually have been doing this, um, I think in my body, and I think I had a little bit of what's called die off in the gut. And, um, I got kind of like, it's like a natural flu that happens. I've looked it up. I have a naturopath doctor and you get this like little flu because it's your body basically responding to, um, heal itself to, you know, do its work if you will. And, um, so I actually had some, a three hour healing session, a sound healing session on Saturday, and it was amazing.


I mean, I've been to sound bass. I've had, you know, a few friends that have done sound work and kind of been around their work, but this was to the extreme in a really great way. So basically it, they took tuning forks, like actual tuning forks, and there was different, uh, different notes and different vibrations. And literally went all up and down my body next to my ears. And it was amazing. So there was this place where it started feeling very relaxing. And I just felt like I was able to just kind of get into that place of the parasympathetic. I believe it's what it's called, where you just kind of relax. Your whole body goes into resting and it's able to actually heal. And then there was this next level where I actually started getting into almost a meditative state and then something happened.


So there's a state within meditation that I go to sometimes that literally every cell in my body awakens, it's literally like a bliss that you go to that you feel like every cell like awakens and it's actually feels like it's like communicating. It's like, it's like standing like it's ears are popped open. And every cell is like just completely receptive. And I don't know if you guys have experienced the same thing, but normally when I'm sick, like meditation is completely out of question because I'm unable to tap in at all when I'm not feeling well. So through this vibration work, this sound healing, I literally was able to get into an out body in light state of pure BLIS. It was amazing. So the next morning I woke up and I felt completely better. Like usually I've had, I I've had this type of like little flu thing that you go through when you're cleansing your body and stuff and it can last a while.


So I was, so I was so amazed when I woke up the next day feeling a hundred percent better. So, you know, I had some residuals, like I still was kind of seizing and it was coming outta my body, but I felt a hundred percent better. So I started contemplating and meditating and doing some prayer work on vibration because obviously it's a duh, we know vibration's important, but I just started really thinking, cuz I don't inquire so much into that conversation. We go into beliefs in how that does cause the frequency and how that does cause all of that. And of course I believe in sound healing, but I just have never experienced it on such a profound level. So I started thinking about that and this is the deal. This is the truth. Vibration is the key that can unlock the highest version of us.


And this is why, you know, if you think about it, the same energy that lives and breathes you that lives and breathes me that one divine source, that is the source that has created the entire universe. So the reality and the truth, if you wanna get real, real you, the true you created the entire universe and this source created a very specific construct of the universe. So that there's order. So there's a thing that we can have a game and a construct because if there was, if we didn't do that, if, if the source didn't do that, if, if God, do you wanna call it? Whatever, it doesn't matter to me. If you wanna call it, if particles were just flying around in this universe, there would be no order and there wouldn't be able to be cause and effect, right? So the source created a very specific, specific way of, of doing this life.


It's like an owner's man to this life. It created gravity, it created physics, it created polarity. It created magnetism. It created vibration and there is a very specific construct to this thing called life. If you want to win at this game of life, you have to align with the universal law and, and raise your vibration. I'll say it again. If you wanna win at this game of life, you have to align with universal law and get in the right vibration. So, you know, you can raise your right vibration through mini modalities, right? You could raise it simply by releasing limiting beliefs because when you have limiting beliefs, it has polarity and negative vibes on each mental picture. So we do that a lot through subconscious work. It's very important to do that. And I, I don't know if you can keep your vibration up if you don't do your core inner work.


Okay. Very important to do the subconscious work. You have to do that. You have to learn how to meditate and raise your vibration by coming to neutrality and then allowing source to stream in you that light, which raises the high vibration. Okay? So there's many, many different ways. Obviously the food you eat, the people you surround yourself with the prayer when you pray and you actually stream in that light, it raises the consciousness, the vibration of every cell of your body. So the primary work for raising vibration is to release limiting beliefs, to get into the core, to, to neutralize all mental pictures, to neutralize and become mindful. And then the next step of vibration is to literally get in where you're tapping into source into that light source and it's streaming through your body and it can raise your vibration. You can feel like you're electrocuted in the middle of vibration, right?


Or you can do a sound healing it's crazy. And you can go and get tuning forks and bowls and all kinds of things. And literally in this high, high vibration, if you're able to kind of doze off, if, I mean, for me, I've done my inner work. So I don't have a lot of limiting beliefs. So it's very easy for me to tap into that for another person. That's why they lay down and relax in sound bath and things like that. So they kind of let go of their reactive mind and they become vulnerable and they allow just the vibrations to penetrate their cells and they have ecstatic experiences. Ecstatic dance is another way, you know, where you let go of the words of your life and you just let your body go. And so these are some different ways you can raise it. I'm sure there's infinite ways of raising your vibration.


Of course, being around people that hi have high vibes. You always wanna surround yourself with somebody who is, you know, has amazing vibes, right? Of we're around people that have negative vibes. It brings us down. You know, it's, it's pretty much impossible to not have it affect us. So today I just wanna talk about why vibration is the key to freedom. It all really does come down to vibration. It's just a language and how we wanna express that every single cell in your body is vibrating because vibration is the communication. Vibration is what communicates your body is the ultimate communication tool in the physical 3d realm. And so raising your vibration is a way to have things flow and have things manifest and have all of it go. And so today's universal law that we align with is the law of vibration. Life is a constant energy exchange.


Drew the communication of frequency and vibration. Everything is in motion, nothing is solid and change is inevitable. The vibration of your life is created from your beliefs and from the choices you make and the cultural makeup. And of course the magnetism of your B your body in every cell within it, the circumstances of your life high vibration is in direct correlation to align you with universal law and mother nature. So today's spiritual practice is to raise your vibration every day, we should be raising our vibration, be it through prayer sound, work, exercise, getting with mother nature. Do you know that putting, walking on the sand at the beach barefoot raises your vibration, going into mother, mother nature has such high vibration in some areas, you know, there's areas like Bali that have such high vibration find out where those places are, Shasta and Sonoma, and these places go spend time.


They raise your vibration. And in today's challenge is to get an accountability partner for this, to find a support group, a, a spiritual community, somebody or, or a group of people that are gonna help you remember, because our greatest disease is amnesia and we're here to raise our vibration so that we can experience life fully. Isn't that the point isn't that winning? It's not necessarily getting a bunch of material belongings, it's experiencing life to its fullest. And so today I just recognize that I'm so, so grateful for that sound healing. I feel amazing. And it reminded me of the truth. It reminded me, oh yeah, I gotta raise my vibration. And sometimes I'm, you know, in the middle of a thousand things in LA, which probably doesn't have great vibration in the middle of traffic in the middle of 40 wifis in the middle of all this.


And sometimes I beat myself up going, gosh, what's wrong with me? It's like, cuz I, I, I can only do what I can do. My body has to get in a frequency and it demands me to go to places and do things that help and assist me in that. And that's a decision. That's a decision in mind to align with mother nature, to align with high vibration, to do that work every day. And so I just say, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I'm so, so grateful as raising this vibration together. So thank you for tuning in today. Please share this, like it subscribe to the podcast we need to support and give love and give good vibes to the people that we care about. So thank you for showing up for you today. And may you live your truth?


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