49. How we met our husbands - in our correct environments

Human Design + Astro Club

17-02-2022 • 56 min

With the theme of love and relationships this week, Krystle and Leah wanted to put out an episode on love and environments. They just launched their environemnts class, and began discussing how they met their husbands in relation to their environments. Join them as they travel back in time to their earlier days with their husbands! Lots of laughs and interesting conversations and a little education along the way! Krystle Kavalsky website: journeythroughhd.com IG: @journeythroughhd Leah Hutchins: website: design-with-leah.square.site IG: @the_splenic_projector NEW Environment Mini Class: https://www.humandesignastro.com/environment-landing 2022 Energy Forecast: https://www.humandesignastro.com/offers/jAUCLgKJ 3 Day Free Transits and Planets Crash Course: https://www.humandesignastro.com/pl/2147566562 Human Design Support group Subscription: https://www.humandesignastro.com/human-design-support-video' NEW Mini classes!! We invite you to learn about your unique Determination and Cognition - audio plus PDF you can keep for life. Find yours here: https://www.humandesignastro.com/store User Manual to Your True Self is an in depth language manual and help you apply these terms to your chart. https://www.humandesignastro.com/offers/mKMLYkq Free guide tips and tricks to using your human design strategy and authority https://www.humandesignastro.com/free-guide Newsletter sign up to receive weekly aura energy updates and announcements: https://www.humandesignastro.com/newsletter --- Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/humandesignastro/support