Is Spaceship Earth Closing for a Long Refurbishment and Other Disney News

Enchanted Ears - Anything & Everything Disney

15-10-2018 • 33 min

Hello from the Modern-Day Shakespeare and the Undercover Horticulturist. It’s been a busy week for Disney, so in this episode, we discuss all of the changes and developments that have taken place. From Aladdin Disneybounding as Dopey to solar panels to price hikes to the possible closure of Spaceship Earth, we cover a lot of ground in this episode. Also, we answer some fun listener questions. Turns out more people than just our moms listen! This message has been brought to you by Millenials, gettin’ it since the early ‘80s. It’s also been brought to you by our moms, love ya and wouldn’t be here without ya! 💕

Mentioned in the Episode

-Increase in food prices

-Disneyland Hotel

-Spaceship Earth Refurbishment

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