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Podcasts are born like the strike of a match! Such is the case with the Board Briefs Podcast. Steven Kraus, Brandon Fratarcangeli, Lee Puddephatt, along with Ontario Library Service staff will bring you conversations featuring CEO’s, Board Members, Provincial Public Library Leaders and other Library Experts who will contribute, inform and enlighten with their facts, knowledge, expertise, opinions, perspectives and best practices speaking to the Ontario Public Library landscape. One-part education, one-part idea sharing, one-part networking and one-part “real talk” conversations about public library realities, our podcast hopes to brighten, inform, inspire and complement the work being put forward by public library staff and their boards of directors of every size and in every corner of the province: #BoardBriefs #InConversation #InBrief read less
#InConversation - The Bridge and Edge Project
#InConversation - The Bridge and Edge Project
In this special #InConversation Episode of the Board Briefs Podcast, Steven Kraus chats about board awareness  around the Bridge and Edge projects with the vibrant and engaged Team from the Toronto Public Library and the Urban Libraries Council.  Guests:Sepideh MckensyProject Lead, Bridge Project Policy, Planning and Performance ManagementToronto Public Librarysmckensy@tpl.caLourdes AcevesDirector, Edge at the Urban Libraries Councillaceves@urbanlibraries.orgBetsey SuchanicSenior Program Manager at the Urban Libraries The Urban Libraries Council and the Toronto Public Library being the next phase (Phase 3) of the Bridge Project. Phase 3 of the project is designed to build public libraries’ capacity and skill to collect, analyze and communicate data and to demonstrate public libraries’ vital role in advancing digital equity in their communities.Phase 3 of the project is split into two program streams:Stream 1 - Bridge and Edge Cohort: Libraries will use the Bridge and Edge Toolkits to measure the performance and outcomes of the technology services they deliver to their communities. Results from the toolkits will support our understanding of how Ontario public libraries have been able to pivot their technology services to respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic and demonstrate the essential role public libraries play in supporting recovery.Stream 2 - Data Fluency Cohort: The Edge Data Fluency Program is designed for all levels of library staff to build data skills. Libraries will attend a series of four workshops over an 11-month period. The series includes introduction to data fluency, collecting, understanding, and using community, library and program data, and communicating data. Participation is free for all public libraries in Ontario and opportunities to register after the project launch continue to remain available. Why your library should participate·  Increase libraries’ capacity and skill to collect and analyze data·  Improve libraries’ ability to make informed, evidence-based decisions and understand how technology services are being used· Have access to reliable, timely and relevant data to demonstrate the value of investments in technology to stakeholders, decision-makers, and local leaders· Determine technology services that have greater impact to inform resource allocation and/or demonstrate need for more investment· Ensure responsiveness to residents and communitiesTo learn more about Phase 3 of the Bridge Project, please visit: learn more about Phase 3 of the Edge Project, please visit: