Episode 7: We're Not Getting Engaged

Hanging Out 4ever

27-10-2023 • 1 hora 9 min

Y'alllll!!  Right before we left for Europe for a month we recorded a podcast episode and it spun into a heated disagreement, a fight if you will, about us not getting engaged. It's was our 7 year anniversary and we were gonna be in Paris.  PARIS Y'ALL!!  So, of course Aja thought we were gonna engaged (because anniversay in paris + girl math = Duh, Engagement!) plus Grant was sending her some mixed messages AND TBH Aja was sending mixed messages to Grant. That episode got a little out of control so instead we decide to do a reacts to watching pieces of that episode back, acknowledging both our feelinsg being hurt, speaking about our disappointment, analyzing our actions, talking about them and critiquing ourselves.

We  thought it was important to share pieces of this fight to show that people in relationships go thru real conflict and that's okay as long as your able to take accountability for your actions on the back end and modify them on going forward. We're not perfect and even after 7 years we still tryna figure things out.
So here's this episode of us working thru our sh*t.
We're not getting engaged y'all.

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