Lets Talk with Inspire Fire Ministries


16-02-2024 • 50 min

In this remote episode Pastors Mike and Logan sit are joined by the directors of Inspire Fire Ministry Wade and jenny Sanderson to discuss their awesome work in evangelism ministry.

Here is their new website please go check it out to hear more about this amazing ministry and if you wanna support you can as well. https://l.messenger.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.inspirefire.ca%2F&h=AT0wG4a2B9MHo1DqVxevqMN9fEPSwmpPA_GyWv2naihwg8_cIluhwgIiLz_z-LIl-Eqdru5iYwnu-m0n_m1itIpaQKnEug8Sougba9cjPO_2i23lWYHG_A3i0H9VZxnT7FAtDQ

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