Owning a Mexican boutique, Seeking justice for an older brother for 33 years, & helping other women

Embracing My Markings

02-11-2023 • 1 hora 2 min

We've got a very special episode for you this week, as Maribel sits down with Arlene Saldana Galindo, a boutique owner who has a beautiful collection sourced from Mexican artisans.

She's going in-depth about her journey to creating Glamlindo, and how she helps other women start their businesses.

She also shares her life story about being the baby of the family, seeing her family fall apart when her older brother got convicted of a crime he didn't commit, watching her mother struggle for 33 years to find justice, and losing her mother a month after her brother was exonerated.

This is a unique episode that is so personal you just can't miss it!


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