EP6 | Innovate Moreton Bay - Megan Avard from SurePact

Innovate Moreton Bay

19-05-2020 • 46 min

Our guest today is Megan Avard, who is the Founder & CEO at SurePact.

SurePact is an Enterprise SaaS designed to deliver a solution addressing the significant challenge of cost, time and scope blowouts in contract delivery.  It is a risk identification and mitigation solution that helps businesses mitigate the immediate and compounding risk during the delivery of contracts and has produced proven results of significant bottom-line improvements as well as improved project and procurement outcomes.

SurePact software provides strong emphasis on visibility, transparency and accountability via real-time dashboards allowing confident business intelligence decisions.

The SurePact team have recently launched their Grant Management System, setting itself apart from competitors in that it now provides a 360 degree line of sight for organisations to manage all their grant submissions through to the delivery of the outcome with full integration on their entire suite of products.

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