Real Talk on Parenting During the Pandemic and the Mental Health Impacts on Mothers and Children, Voting Rights Under Threat, and the Benefits of Being Outdoors

Our Body Politic

11-06-2021 • 46 min

Farai Chideya welcomes the co-hosts of The Double Shift podcast on Sippin’ the Political Tea to talk about the impact the pandemic had on moms’ mental health, and how they can begin to recover. New York Times Opinion columnist Jamelle Bouie shares his views on the latest voting rights legislation, and why he decided to take full parental leave this year for the birth of his second child. Dr. Miguelina Germán, a child behavioral health specialist, gives an overview of how children have fared this past year, and what we have to look forward to with schools reopening. And camp counselor and Black Outside director Angelica Holmes shares her personal and professional experience with the benefits of outdoor activities for Black girls.


00:39 Sippin’ the Political Tea covers the mental health of mothers during the pandemic with the co-hosts of The Double Shift podcast

18:19 Jamelle Bouie on voting rights, studying history, and being a full-time parent

30:07 Dr. Miguelina Germán on the mental health of children during the pandemic

39:11 Camp counselor Angelica Holmes on the importance of taking kids outdoors