London Fashion Week ft. Susan Fang

Good Morning, VOGUE China

19-10-2023 • 30 min

In our latest English language episodes of 《Good Morning, VOGUE China》Vogue China Editor-in-Chief, Margaret Zhang, and VOGUE Business China Associate Editorial Director, Yiling Pan, continue their world-tour conversation around Fashion Month, taking a VOGUE China lens to New York, London, Milan, Paris and Shanghai. After our previous episode's deep-dive on New York's thriving subcultures, we touchdown in London for a four-day fashion schedule lauded by Chinese creative communities for its strong output of fashion graduates and British heritage houses alike. Over the past decade, many upcoming Chinese designer has also decided to make London their homebase. Among them, Susan Fang, who has caught the industry's attention over the past two seasons. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit