Mind On Him (Daily Devotional)

Daily Devotions - Living Supernaturally Devotional

10-05-2021 • 0 segundos

Greetings! This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. Thank you for the opportunity to come your way and spend a few moments with you in God's word and in prayer. This week, we are reminding ourselves of what the Lord has taught us in His word on how to live worry free, how to roll our cares, our burdens on the Lord and we've talked about the fact that we can unburden through prayer. As we pray, we can transfer the things that weigh heavy on us, we can transfer it onto the Lord, we pray, we make supplication and we give thanks and then as we roll our cares on Him, His peace comes in and covers our heart and mind. Today, we want to remind ourselves of one more instruction the Lord has given to us in Isaiah chapter 26 and verse three, it says, ‘you will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.’ You will keep him in perfect peace, it's a double word, shalom, shalom, that the peace of God will so cover us, but this is possible when we keep our mind on the Lord, on who He is. In another verse in Psalm chapter 112, verse seven along the same lines, it says he, this is a righteous man will not be afraid of evil tidings, he will not be afraid of bad news, his heart is steadfast, his heart is settled, steady, won't be shaken. How is it possible? He's trusting in the Lord. So, here's the second way, a second thing you and I can do to roll our cares on the Lord, to be worry free in the midst of all that is happening, it says set your mind on Him or trust in Him/ who He is. So, when your mind is troubled by certain things, certain matters, sometimes it's the news that comes to you, unexpected news or not good news comes to you, what do you do? Just remind yourself of who God is, you're putting your mind on Him. When you have your mind on something, you're thinking about that. So, when you have your mind on the Lord, you're thinking about Him, who He is, while you're getting all this news or all these things around you. So, when there's a situation or financial need, put your mind on Him, Jehovah Jireh. When there is news about illness and sickness, put your mind on him, Jehovah Rapha, the Lord, my healer. When there is news about trouble, put your mind on Him, Jehovah Nissi, the Lord will give me victory in the situation. And when you and I do that, when we put our mind on Him, when we trust in who He is, the bible says God will keep us in perfect peace. So, instead of letting your mind be troubled and occupied by the bad news or the situation causes worry, it says put your mind on the Lord, settle your mind on Him, think about Him and that will cause you and me to be in perfect peace and God will bring us through. We can journey through life worry free. So, try it today, do it today, in any situation, put your mind on Him. Let’s pray, Father, this moment, we put our minds on you and who you are, what you can do, what do you have promised, the fact that you are for us, and you can handle things on our behalf. We thank you for your perfect peace, in Jesus’s name, Amen. Thank you for tuning in to living supernaturally, for more resources to strengthen your spiritual strengthen your spiritual walk, please visit apcwo.org. Daily devotions to strengthen your faith each day. Daily Devotional for Spirit filled living. Each daily devotion is about five minutes in duration. These daily devotionals are centered around a weekly theme. So there are seven daily devotions that focus on the theme and bring you insight, understanding and revelation from the Bible. Each week's theme is listed as a series. So you can listen to the current week's devotions or go to any previous theme/series that speaks to your present need (https://apcwo.org/resources/daily-devotions ). Also available free sermons (https://apcwo.org/sermons), and free Christian books (https://apcwo.org/books) to nourish and strengthen your faith. Watch our online Sunday Church service live stream every Sunday at 10:30am (Indian Time, GMT+5:30). Spirit filled, anointed worship, Word and ministry for healing, miracles and deliverance. YOUTUBE: https://youtube.com/allpeopleschurchbangalore WEBSITE: https://apcwo.org/live CHURCH: https://apcwo.org FREE SERMONS: https://apcwo.org/resources/sermons FREE BOOKS: https://apcwo.org/books/english DAILY DEVOTIONALS: https://apcwo.org/resources/daily-devotional JESUS CHRIST: https://examiningjesus.com BIBLE COLLEGE: https://apcbiblecollege.org E-LEARNING: https://apcbiblecollege.org/elearn COUNSELING: https://chrysalislife.org MUSIC: https://apcmusic.org MINISTERS FELLOWSHIP: https://pamfi.org CHURCH APP: https://apcwo.org/app CHURCHES: https://apcwo.org/ministries/churches