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Enjoy a series of unusual episodes of the Great Detectives of Old Time Radio including old time radio mystery movie adaptations from the Lux Radio Theater, Screen Guild Theater, and similar programs. As well as episodes Escape, Suspense, and Murder Clinic, along with some truly different programs including Roy Rogers, Mayor of the Town, Superman, and Cavalcade of America. Also comparisons of how two detective programs handle the same story. read less


Twice Told Tale - The McCoy: Three Wayward Girls and Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Starlet Matter
Twice Told Tale - The McCoy: Three Wayward Girls and Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Starlet Matter
Once again, we take a look at an old time radio script that was recycled. In this case, the script was a pilot for a new radio series, The McCoy, and then was reused as an episode of Yours Truly Johnny Dollar.The McCoy is called in by an agent who fears that one of his clients, a promising actress, will be murdered. While they're talking, a phone call comes in and they learn she was strangled to death.Originating in HollywoodAudition date: April 24, 1951Starring: Howard Duff as The McCoy; Sidney Miller; Sheldon Leonard; Cathy Lewis; Ed Max; Barton YarboroughJohnny is sent to Hollywood because an agent fears his starlet client is going to be murdered. Johnny finds she’s already been strangled to death.Originating in HollywoodOriginal Air Date: January 16, 1953Starring: John Lund as Yours Truly Johnny Dollar; Sidney Miller; Raymond Burr; Dick Ryan; John McIntire; Vic Perrin; Virginia Gregg; Jeanette NolanFill out our advertising survey at https://adsurvey.greatdetectives.netBecome one of Our Patreon Supporters at patreon.greatdetectives.netPatreon Supporter of the Day: Duane, Patreon Supporter since June 2023Support the show on a one-time basis at http://support.greatdetectives.net.Mail a donation to: Adam Graham, PO Box 15913, Boise, Idaho 83715Take the listener survey at http://survey.greatdetectives.netGive us a call at 208-991-4783Follow us on Instagram at http://instagram.com/greatdetectivesFollow us on Twitter @radiodetectives