#2 - Walking Through Faith: The Journey of Jacob and Sahra Cooper

Love In Action

25-10-2023 • 58 min

In this heartfelt episode of the Love In Action Podcast, hosts Terrell and Imani delve deep into the inspiring journey of Jacob and Sahra Cooper. Navigating the realms of business, ministry, and personal challenges, the Coopers share their story of faith, resilience, and trust in God. From attending church conferences to confronting their fears head-on, their narrative is a testament to the power of belief and surrendering to a higher purpose. Highlights of the episode include the Coopers' recent visit to the New Direction Church in Indianapolis, their upcoming engagements, and a poignant discussion on the essence of fear and faith. As the Coopers emphasize, it's not just about surviving challenges but allowing oneself to be guided through them. Tune in to be inspired and reminded of the strength within when one truly believes.

Key takeaways:

1. **Jacob and Sahra's Journey**: The couple's journey has been a mix of ups and downs. Despite the challenges, they believe in allowing God to guide their path, whether in business or ministry.

2. **Focus on Church Conferences**: They feel that they are meant to be in church conferences. They recently attended one in Indianapolis at the New Direction Church.

3. **Upcoming Engagements**: They are set to attend a women's conference in St. Genovese, Missouri.

4. **Message on Fear**: Sahra stresses the importance of not letting fear or worldly emotions get in the way of realizing God's plan. Jacob adds that one needs to trust God and get out of their own way to let God work through them.

5. **Conclusion**: Jacob ends the segment with a prayer, emphasizing hope and gratitude.


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