Summer Throwback: Myrna Ayad on the evolution & perception of Middle East art (2019)

The Lighthouse Conversations with Hashem Montasser

04-08-2023 • 31 min

In this throwback to our first episode from 2019: Hashem talks to Mryna Ayad, the former Editor-in-Chief of art magazine Canvas and now an independent art consultant who continues to shape the way art & artists from the Middle East are represented internationally. In addition to her professional journey that took her from Canvas to Director of Art Dubai, Mryna shares her perspective as a working mother and her mission to shape the perspective of external audiences when it comes to Middle East art.  Myrna has since then, among many other writing and art related activities, released the book Sheikh Zayed: An Eternal Legacy which she talked about on the episode. She was also the conveyer for the new book release Cairo Eternal by Mai ElDib, whom we’ve had on the show this past June. We would love to hear back from you on what you thought about this episode. You can leave us a review in your podcast app, and find us on Instagram.