“I learned what absolute zero feels like.” Hassan Sheheryar Yassin on starting from zero, conquering fear of failure and a serendipitous meeting with William & Kate.

The Lighthouse Conversations with Hashem Montasser

19-10-2023 • 41 min

Hashem catches up with Pakistani couturier Hassan Sheheryar Yassin, or HSY. In one of our rawest episodes yet, HSY gets candid about his past as the child of a single mother and the effects of poverty and living in a women’s shelter. HSY and Hashem then delve deeper into his experience as a medical guinea pig when a bout of blindness led to a series of experimental surgeries. Shaped by early traumatic life events, HSY also shares how his journey led him to move to the US and temporarily conform to Western ideals before finding his footing in his native Pakistan. HSY and Hashem also debate the metrics of success, releasing mortal coils, and a tête-à-tête with William and Kate!  Links: Ayman Fakoussa on launching The Qode, balancing friendship with business, and why he can’t let go of Microsoft Excel