Smart Cities, Smart Contracts & Are Children Ever Too Young To Learn About Blockchain?

Thinking on Paper - Your Guide To The Impact Of Emerging Technology On Business And Culture

13-10-2023 • 51 min

Disruptors and curious minds! Welcome to another grandstand edition of your emerging technology podcast, Thinking On Paper. This week, you're going back to school. Are Children Ever Too Young To Learn About Blockchain? Many of you know Kevin Riedl. He’s a blockchain engineer and founder of web3 software company Waveact. He writes the ‘No BS around Tech’ newsletter and is an expert at dApp development and writing smart contracts. He’s also a father, former firefighter and handstand fanatic. Suffice to say, there are many rabbit holes we could jump down with Kevin - and we will. But since Kevin's extensive bio reads like that of a web3 superhero, we wanted to go all Bruce Wayne and focus the show on education. With his company Waveact he runs web3 workshops for kids as young as 10. Every year he works with Coding4Kids to teach 10-14 years about software development, hosting lessons on Scratch (a programming language for kids developed by MIT), security issues, vulnerabilities and ‘hacks’. Please Enjoy The Show!

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