From Chiropractor To Million Dollar Web3 Investor: The Unusual Origin Story Of Dr Ankur Pathak

Thinking on Paper - Your Guide To The Impact Of Emerging Technology On Business And Culture

06-09-2023 • 49 min

As storytellers, the hero's journey is our compass. But what is story, if not change - or the promise of change? Many of our guests have been working in emerging technology for years, honing and polishing their skills and networks and experience, often over decades. This is different. This episode is for our listeners who haven't been in web3 for so long. And those thinking of diving in the rabbit hole. In 2021, Ankur Pathak was a chiropractor practicing from his Ontario cabinet. Another day, another patient. Less than three years later he’s the Principal at London Real Ventures, investing in AI, Blockchain and the Metaverse. The self-styled World's First Media-Powered Investment Firm boasts over 5 million subscribers and 1 billion content views. How does that happen?! We’ll be talking about funding, pitching, what investors are looking for and what turns them away. And just what was it about emerging technology that pushed Dr Ankur Pathak down the path of most resistance? Please enjoy the show!

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