The Future Of Your Kids Education In The Open Metaverse: With Elizabeth Strickler

Thinking on Paper - Your Guide To The Impact Of Emerging Technology On Business And Culture

25-07-2023 • 51 min

Elizabeth Strickler is Director of Media Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Creative Media Industries Institute at Georgia State University. She joins us this week to speak about the future of education, AI and virtual worlds. As a thought leader at the intersection of metaverse, augmented realities and education Elizabeth is recognized for her TEDx talk and regarded as a luminary in the space. “In this new frontier, we require effective communication between humans and machines (AI), a flourishing virtual economy anchored by digital ledger tech, and a shared culture to nurture a sense of belonging. It is each of our responsibilities to ensure our virtual worlds are inclusive and meaningful, as we work towards the creation of an Open Metaverse.” Please enjoy the show. #emergingtech #metaverse #nft #nftcommunity #web3 #web3brands #education #futureofeducation #metaverseeducation #web3explained #web3education