18 Jan 2023 - Vani Points

Raja Yoga Meditation Vani in Tamil

18-01-2023 • 3 min

Raja Yoga Meditation is a form of spiritual practice that aims to help individuals connect with their inner selves with the Supreme Soul and achieve spiritual growth. This podcast is in Tamil language, involve discussing "vani points," which are intended to provide guidance and support for practitioners of Raja Yoga Meditation. These classes are conducted by Paramathma, who is the "father of all souls." People call Him as Shiva, Allah, God, or Jehovah, depending on their cultural and religious background. Raja Yoga Meditation teaches the concept of "Manmanabhava" which is considering oneself as a soul and remembering the Paramathma to burn off the sins across all their previous births. The main focus of the knowledge is to see everyone as souls. This in turn means that all 800 crore people on earth are brothers and sisters between themselves. We are not supposed to hurt anyone by thought, word, and action. The goal is to achieve this through the regular practice of Raja Yoga Meditation and by following the guidance provided in the Vani points discussed in classes, such as the Title, Question and answers, Tharanai, Varadhan and Slogan on the given day. #BabaMurli #BabaVani #RajaYogaVani #RajaYogaMurli #BrahmaKumaris #TamilVani #TamilMurli Disclaimer: This podcast is not official podcast of Brahma Kumaris.