WSH424 - Vinnie Brigance on the Journey AFTER the Hypnosis

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28-09-2023 • 59 min

Vinnie Brigance is a certified hypnotherapist who specializes in helping his clients permanently quit smoking—without cravings. Vinnie’s passion for helping people quit stems from his mother’s struggle with COPD and emphysema, which ultimately led to her passing in 2018. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts-Boston with a degree in Political Science, Vinnie discovered the positive change hypnosis can create. He opened his own hypnosis practice, Kalamazoo Hypnosis, in 2020 and since then has worked with hundreds of clients with smoking cessation. He has also created Advanced Organic Hypnosis, a hypnotherapy course that helps hypnotherapists create one-session breakthroughs with their clients.

Vinnie joins me today to discuss how his hypnosis business has evolved over the past two years. He describes his approach to creating social media content and gaining prospects and followers. He reveals why he prefers working with a client “in the moment” rather than preparing a script or pre-talk for his hypnosis sessions. Vinnie also underscores the importance of learning from clients and highlights how a client’s journey to activating change in their life begins after their hypnosis session.

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“The lessons you’ll learn from your clients won’t always feel good, but they’re the most important lessons you’ll get.” - Vinnie Brigance

●     Vinnie’s smoking cessation hypnosis clinic and hypnosis training center

●     How Vinnie’s perspectives on hypnosis, smoking cessation, and operating a hypnosis business have changed over the last two years

●     How Vinnie communicates the process of smoking cessation through hypnosis and manages expectations

●     Vinnie’s decision not to do a pre-talk for his hypnosis sessions

●     Pre-sold clients and why it’s important to have web presence as a hypnotist

●     How burnout can be an opportunity for creativity to emerge

●     What it takes for somebody to enact change in their life

●     Audience engagement for hypnosis businesses

●     How to be consistent with creating and posting social media content

●     Designating time and space to produce social media content

●     The relationship between niche and authenticity

●     How batch-making content has helped Vinnie run his hypnosis business

●     Vinnie’s hypnosis course

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