Christine: Chronically F(ill)ed

Retail Your Story

07-08-2022 • 33 min

If there's a story in you, it's going to come out, how it comes out, well that too is part of your story. Christine knew she wanted to share a part of her story through a book. Not sure what would come pouring out of her she knew she had stories to tell and felt this energetic pull to tell at least one of them, for now, so she did.

Christine: I think that experience at a young age made me feel like I couldn't trust my body and I was wrong because I had this authority figure, you know, what's more, authoritative than a doctor telling me basically, nothing's wrong with you. You're fine. It's in your head. You're anxious. You're maybe she has an eating disorder. And I was like, I know I feel this feeling in my body. And so I almost felt like maybe, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I shouldn't be listening to my body. And so it was just not a great lesson at a young age to learn that. It’s something I had to learn as I became older and eventually got diagnosed with something called Crohn's disease, which is an autoimmune disease.


Books: Chronic and Return to Love

Community: Rebelle

Educational Resource: Crohn's Foundation

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