Getting hurt by the church and Caring for your mental health

Everyday Disciples

15-03-2022 • 37 min

Mental health is a pressing concern in our world today, and it's not just because of the pandemic! For years our culture has been wearing us out mentally and we haven't been equipped to take care of ourselves. Add to that the idea that some people have that faith is all you need to fix anything and it's a recipe for frustration! In our first segment, we talk with Aidan, CJ, and Pastor Matthew about Christians and mental health and see that God wants us to take care of our whole self - body, mind, and soul!

In our second segment, we tackle the difficult situation of being hurt by the church. Whenever people come together, it creates not only community but the potential to get hurt by someone - even the church itself. It is made up of sinners, after all! Pastor Matthew and Lori dig into this topic and explore what we can do when we find ourselves feeling slighted by our Christian brothers and sisters.

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