Episode 39: Star For Jesus (And Other Jobs I Quit), an interview with Kimberly Stuart

The Jess Connolly Podcast

13-05-2024 • 40 min

In this episode, Jess interviews her dear friend, ⁠Kimberly Stuart⁠, author of, ‘Star For Jesus (And Other Jobs I Quit),’. You’ll hear an honest conversation between the two as they discuss the beauty and mystery of grace. Get ready for plenty of laughs and tears. If you’re looking for a book to help you take a deep breath this summer, this episode is for you. If you are ready to learn more about the unvarnished, amazing grace that is freely given, this episode is for you. And, if you like cupcakes, this episode is for you. Join Jess’ ⁠Leaders are Learners⁠ book club and dive into this book with us; join and share your thoughts through email or voice message.

Let’s Go.

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