Episode 35: We Didn't See This Coming

The Jess Connolly Podcast

15-04-2024 • 1 hora 1 min

In this episode, Nick Connolly, husband, father, pastor, and author, interviews Jess Connolly about her newest book, ‘Tired of Being Tired.’ You’ll hear raw and honest conversations about how this current season has been for Jess, as she experienced deep grief from an unexpected family loss while also experiencing great joy in seeing this book being launched into the world.

There is no better time for this book to come out, as 'Tired of Being Tired' is all about finding rest. When rhythms fail, the principles of spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional rest hold us up. The biblical truths Jess found while writing this book carried her through when she couldn’t get enough sleep or follow all the practical tips.

This is not just my podcast, it’s our podcast and we pray this episode is a blessing to you!

Let’s go

Don’t miss:

Tired of Being Tired is out now! Click the link to get your copy + make sure to share it with your family and friends.

⁠⁠Leaders are Learners!⁠⁠ Join Jess’s book club ⁠here⁠, where you’ll read transformative books together. We are currently reading ‘Tired of Being Tired’ by Jess Connolly since it is now available! You’ll get an additional Q&A from the author and a space to call in and share your thoughts on the podcast!

Jess has created a Rest Retreat Guide with short teaching videos for those who want to host their own version of Soul Camp! You can get the guide and the teaching videos free when you order five copies of Tired of Being Tired.

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