Episode 31: 5 Tips if Your Brain is Fried

The Jess Connolly Podcast

18-03-2024 • 21 min

If your brain feels fried or you’re lacking mental clarity and peace, this episode is for you. And - you’re not in the minority, sadly, most of us feel this way.  All of our brains are overstimulated. The default setting for women in our current culture is overwhelmed, but that doesn’t have to continue to be our reality. We don’t have to keep consenting to live distracted, confused, and mentally exhausted.  This podcast is for you. It’s not my podcast, it’s ours. It’s for people who crave light-hearted conversations and deeply spiritual truths. It’s for those of us who are busy, tired, waiting, growing, dreaming, working, or praying about what’s next. Let’s Go. Don’t Miss:Pre-Order 1 Copy of Tired of Being Tired⁠ and I’ll send you the audiobook for free (with bonus content) and Real Rest Now, an exclusive podcast series I recorded with incredible women from all walks of life.

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