Episode 41: Seize Your Season

The Jess Connolly Podcast

27-05-2024 • 32 min

All of us are feeling a little funky about our season. The women we know with different lives seem to have more margin, joy, money, community, or more of something. Maybe we dreamed or craved the season we’re in or never saw it coming. Either way - it’s easy for all of us to feel stuck, isolated, and confused about how we got here. We’re wondering - where is the abundance in THIS part of life? What is great about it? And how do we enjoy the days we’re in and not just wish them back when they’re over?

This summer, Jess has a personal dream and desire to help women SEIZE THEIR SEASON. In this episode, Jess tells us what that could look like.

This isn’t Jess’s podcast; it’s our podcast!

Let’s go

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