Episode 29: Simply Pray, an interview with Deb Hopper

The Jess Connolly Podcast

04-03-2024 • 33 min

In this episode, Jess interviews Deb Hopper, author of, ‘Simply Pray,’ and Jess' mom. You’ll hear them discuss how Deb went through asking, seeking, and knocking in her own life as a single mom and how every concern, big and small, is worth bringing to God.  Join Jess’ Leaders are Learners book club and dive into this book with us; join and share your thoughts through email or voice message!

Let’s Go.

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⁠Leaders are Learners!Join Jess’s book club ⁠here⁠, where you’ll read transformative books together. We are currently reading ‘Simply Pray’ by Deb Hopper. You’ll get an additional Q&A from the author and a space to call in and share your thoughts on the podcast!

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