And So, an Introduction

From Dusk To Shawn

05-05-2024 • 38 min

For my fellow veteran and their families.  A voice of a generation is standing up and making some shit known.

I am an autistic veteran.  This introduction will not be for the faint of heart.  I am going to touch on a lot of subjects.  But first, a chance to get to really know my current self.  One of dedication and loyalty.  But now with real honesty.

And I will correct misspoke comments in the next episode as I find them.

I promise what you hear is authentic, but only you can tell with enough time.  Allow me to show you a new perspective, to offer a helping hand, to say things to piss you off.

All in the pursuit of an open dialogue and to have a good old fashioned throw down.

The Veteran's Administration, the US Military, and society as a whole needs our leadership.  Lets dust each other off and show them how its done.