Episode 5: Is IVF the "Silent Friend Killer"? Or will we get through this?

IVF'd Up

05-06-2023 • 1 hora 8 min

In our final episode of season one you will meet the BFF that inspired this podcast. After Kristina's ride or die Vic struggled to reproduce, the two felt a great divide. So much so that Kristina launched this podcast as a way to provide a resoucre to other people in a similar situation. They were convinced they were besties for the resties but their reproductive stories could not be more opposite and that created a huge elephant in the room and they weren't sure they'd ever get back to the way they were. Vic lovingly and honestly details what Kristina could have done differently to be a better support for her and Kristina listens and learns... While Kristina failed at a lot of things during Vic’s IVF journey, she really wasn't sure what to do. Can they rebuild their friendship? This honest conversation was a huge piece of that puzzle.

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