Episode 2: Tough Conversations Over a Seafood Tower

IVF'd Up

22-05-2023 • 1 hora 4 min

A lobster dinner date will decide the fate for an embryo that is on ice…will this embaby be transferred to Karina’s uterus or not? Can Karina go through another round of IVF and stay sane? In this episode Marcy and Kristina chat with Karina who shares her IVF journey and gets real about the pressure from the church, her mother of course and making choices that will have a huge impact on her family.

In this episode we'll play Mommy Dearest a darker segment that gives “overheard in LA” vibes with a motherly angle.

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***At the time of recording we thought it would be best to be anonymous in order to protect our identities. We have since changed our opinions on that and hope you appreciate this unfiltered conversation without judgement.