Episode 1: Can Friendships Survive IVF?

IVF'd Up

22-05-2023 • 44 min

In this introductory episode of IVF’d Up we take the listener through why we started this podcast and hope to find out if friendships survive the IVF journey. Your hosts Marcy and Kristina share about their own fertility beliefs and experiences and Kristina explores the struggle to be a good friend to her IVF bestie. Marcy tries to wrap her head around ‘why people want kids’ and if IVF is worth all the heartache and money? Infertility is a chronic disease that can eat people alive. Whether you are the patient, the advocate, the friend or the family members, society fails every person in the IVF tornado (especially the medical field). This podcast will provide a safe space to talk, struggle, laugh and vent about this ever so delicate and intense topic.

***At the time of recording we thought it would be best to be anonymous in order to protect our identities. We have since changed our opinions on that and hope you appreciate this unfiltered conversation without judgement.

If you want to share your story or you have questions, comments or concerns,  email us at iveffedup@gmail.com.

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