DJV Download - 09/29/21 – Fake Prescription Pills on the Rise

Good Day Download

29-09-2021 • 18 min

The rise in circulation of fake prescription pills laced with fentanyl and meth case has been reported by the DEA. The conversation opens to the opioid pandemic as well as the stigma still attached to marijuana (which many deem a better alternative to opioids) even though recreational cannabis is legal in certain areas. A debate of platonic friendships and whether or not they case jealousy in relationships, Lori Loughlin’s reemergence into the acting world after the college admissions scandal that left her with a prison sentence, and the new host of the Bachelor series are all included in the big topics and trending news in today’s episode. This and more from today’s top news and trending stories available the Daily DJV Show Download.

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