RLC Voice of Business Podcast Episode 7 - Destination Rogers

RLC Voice of Business Podcast

10-05-2023 • 42 min

What Are “DMO’s” and who is Destination Rogers? A destination marketing organization (DMO) is an organization which promotes a location as an attractive travel destination. DMOs have been referred to as tourist boards, tourism authorities or “Convention and Visitors Bureaus”. Their initial formative purpose was to provide information to leisure travellers. Over time they have evolved to also encourage event organisers to choose their location for meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions. Destination Rogers is the destination marketing organization (DMO) for the City of Rogers (overseen by the Rogers Advertising and Promotion Council). They are uniquely positioned as far as DMO’s go as they work in collaboration with the Chamber to create economic opportunity for the community by attracting those groups and eevents mentioned above. DR’s work also helps to promote Rogers as an entertainment destination and world-class place to live, work, invest and play. To quote from our brand statement: “To [Destination Rogers], it’s all about improving the quality of life for our residents through increased tourism economic impact.”

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