Overcoming Folly - 8 - Unwanted

Torah Unraveled

24-05-2023 • 1 hora 42 min

Overcoming Folly - Part 8 "Unwanted" With Rabbi Ari Sollish (Recorded live at the Intown Jewish Academy on February 21, 2021) Human will is a complicated thing. There are things that we want -- and there are things that we don't want but need in order to get the things that we do want. So even though we don't want that, we kind of do. Because of the other things that we really want. See, it's complicated... In this session of Kabbalah & Coffee, we explore human wants and desires, dividing our experience into two realms: the wants, and the wants not (but sort of want). Understanding this will reveal the deepest secrets of the universe, and help us make sense of the energy flow that sustains all of reality.