Aloha, from Hawaii

Blue Lemonade

28-03-2022 • 30 min

It’s a pleasure to share some of my story. Many paths have helped shaped my present. Originally from the East coast BA Wesleyan, MA NYU,) I come from a loving home and an artistic and musical background, where learning and exposure to culture were prominent.  My studies abroad helped me learn to speak French, Spanish, and conversational Japanese. Since 1983, I’ve given customized  Private tours of the Hawaiian islands, interpreting the story behind the scenery, creating one of a kind educational experiences matched to the guest’s interests, needs, and activity level, often to less crowded spots not found in guide books or on the maps. Passionate about culture, nature, language, music, wildlife, teaching, farming, travel, healthy living, art, and spirituality, it’s been a wonderful journey integrating these aspects into my life’s work. I’m proud to source fruit and flowers from my 2 acre organic farm on Maui to share with our both visitors and the community. A student of traditional Hawaiian dance, chant, protocol  in the award-winning Hālau Hula Kauluokalā under the direction of Kumu Hula Uluwehi Guerrero, the ongoing  immersion in all things Hawaiian motivates me to help elevate our precious host culture, as I share our island(s) with you.  Stories and hands-on experiences will instill within you a sense of the significance of this place, and layers of meaning may be revealed.

I also have a record label, Kaulupono Music, exclusively representing the beautiful music of Maui’s own Uluwehi Guerrero, and writing the string arrangements and playing flute on select tracks.

My goal as an island guide is for you to come away with new acquired awareness, knowledge, and respect for the Hawaiian Culture; indeed there is so much more to the islands than the hotels, beaches, and golf courses.

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