Who Run the World? Women!

Blue Lemonade

04-04-2022 • 32 min

Jane Pollak is the Founder of Jane Pollak Designs which produces one-of-a-kind textiles – pillows and wall pieces – for interior designers, collectors and connoisseurs.

Pollak was born in Columbus, OH, and grew up in White Plains, NY from the age of 6. Her parents identified her as the artist in the family at an early age and supported her choice of Studio Art as a major at Mount Holyoke College along with her decision to earn a Masters degree in Art Education at Columbia University Teachers College. Teaching high school art, Pollak learned the craft of Ukrainian Easter egg decorating that defined her entrepreneurial journey over the next 30 years. She authored the best-selling craft book Decorating Eggs, Exquisite Designs with Wax & Dye, achieved national recognition with appearances on The Today Show and features on CBS News, The Carol Duvall Show and The New York Times.

You’ll find Pollak thriving in New York City where she regularly visits museums and galleries, and attends theatre as often as possible. Her grown children are all entrepreneurial, and are terrific parents to her three grandchildren.

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