Avanum Nanum

Sivakami And Anand

Helloo Makale!!! Welcome to Avanum Nanum 🙏 Naanga than unga host ,Siva and Anand! ☕ We're that Tamil couple who loves to dish about, being a couple. Since tying the knot on 17/09, we thought, "Why not start a podcast?" And so, "Avanum Nanum" was born. Our podcast is like a cozy, friendly get-together where everyone chats about the highs, the lows, and the "oh-no, he-didn't!" moments in marriage. From newlyweds to lovebirds, "Avanum Nanum" is for anyone ready for a down-to-earth, relatable glimpse into life as a married duo. We promise it's an easy listen with plenty of laughs, nods, and all-the-feels moments. So, let's make marriage fun together! Hit that follow button and join us on the "Avanum Nanum" adventure, where love and laughter truly go hand in hand. read less
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