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#0012 - I Am Not A Role Model
#0012 - I Am Not A Role Model
In 1993 Nike aired a commercial featuring Charles Barkley. In the commercial, Barkley honestly stated that he is not a role model. The commercial is still fiercely debated today with one side claiming that he is a role model because of his fame. Nike and Charles Barkley's perspective is that role models should come from the home.Fast forward to March, 2021. Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion give a grotesque performance of Cardi B's hit song "WAP" at the GRAMMYs. 12 days later, Lil Nas X releases a music video depicting himself as a fallen angel that descends into hell via a stripper pole. Once in hell, he proceeds to give Satan a lap dance prior to snapping Satan's neck and assuming his crown of horns. 3 days after the video's release, Lil Nas X and collective art company MSCHF release the infamous Satan Shoe; which sells out of all 666 pairs in less than 1 minute.  In this episode, Justin and Alex discuss the apparent shift in the entertainment industry and the effect of today's music, culture, social media, and "role models" on our children and the acceptance of it by society. "We have learned a lot over the past few days once these events came to light and after a lot of self-reflection I realized, we realized, where we could be more aware of what our kids listen to and ways we can improve. That is the reason for this episode. For us to take what we learned to the air and share it with other parents." -Justin"I truly thought that I had every setting on every device - from Netflix to Tik Tok I thought it was the safest it could possibly be - little did I know that the account I made when it was had far more advanced settings now that it switched hands. Even if you think you are being safe stay up-to-date because things change constantly." -AlexFYI: In this episode, Lil Nas X's song is not included. We do not feel that the lyrics of the song provide any valuable content to our show. This episode is safe to listen to around your children and we will continue to provide family friendly content.