GSMC Fitness Podcast Episode 134: Race Car Driver's Fitness Routines

GSMC Fitness Podcast

03-11-2022 • 1 hora 10 min

When people think of athletes, they tend not to think of race car drivers but they are just as much athletes as a football or basketball player. Armany talks about this and goes through different workout routines for different forms of racing. If you enjoyed this episode follow us and subscribe to the show: you can find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or on any app that carries podcasts. Please remember to subscribe and give us a nice review, that way you’ll always be among the first to get the latest GSMC Fitness Podcasts. We would like to thank our Sponsor: GSMC Podcast Network Advertise with US: Website: Apple Podcasts: Twitter: @ gsmc_fitness Disclaimer: The views expressed on the GSMC Fitness Podcast are for entertainment purposes only. Reproduction, copying, or redistribution of The GSMC Fitness Podcast without the express written consent of Golden State Media Concepts LLC is prohibited.